Friday, 19 June 2015

Tips to Stay Healthy and Fresh When Fasting

Not feel Month of Ramadan has been dating back, it is not uncommon of us see the familiar atmosphere of the fasting month with a view of the lackluster and limp. But if we pay attention to the good, although there are some people who are fasting but his condition remains sound, well what is it secret?
If not too happy with the fruits dawn of time, you can mensiasatinya by drinking juice fruit juice in order to avoid problems at the Chapter.
Try to drink milk, because milk can prevent blood deficiency / anemia resulting body becomes weak during the daytime.
The food menu to be enjoyed should contain plenty of water or fruit - fruit so that the body does not experience severe dehydration while undergoing fasting. Dates can also make the body fit all day.
When dawn should avoid foods that are sweet or too much sugar, due to the intake of food / drink sweet will cause the limp body on the day when fasting.
When fasting is better to avoid eating fast-Food dishes, fried foods or foods that are too spicy at the time of dawn as it can irritate the digestive system during the day.
When Fasting

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